Information Technology Project Management

Course Outline

IT Project Failure and Success

Reasons for IT Project Failure
Reasons for IT Project Success
How to Plan for IT Project Success
IT Projects: What Makes Them Different?

Project Management Foundation

· Project Management Institute's (PMI) framework
· Project Management Basics
· Project Management Life Cycle
· Project Management Knowledge Areas
· Triple Constraints of Project Management
· Types of Project Organizations

Project Initiation

· Project Selection and Prioritization
· Business Case Development
· Stakeholder Analysis
· Project Charter
· Project Objectives
· Constraints and Assumptions

Project Scope Definition

· Scope Statement
· Requirements: Defining and Gathering
   o Identifying requirements
   o Approaches to elicit requirements
   o Functional vs. technical requirements
   o Requirements traceability
· Work Breakdown Structure
   o Identifying tasks and activities
   o WBS dictionary

Time Management and Scheduling

· Activity Definition
· Activity Sequencing
· Estimating Activity Duration
· Network Diagramming
· Critical Path
· Float and Lag

Resource Planning

· Identify Required Project Resources
· Roles and Responsibilities
· Resource Assignment Matrix
· Staffing Management
· Resource Constraints

Cost Management and Control

· Cost Estimating Techniques
· Types of Estimates
· Contingency and Management Reserves
· Typical IT Expenditures
· Controlling and Managing Costs
· Earned Value Analysis

Communications Management

· Manage Stakeholder Expectations
· Considerations for Effective Communication
· Communication Management Plan
· Project Status Report

Project Risk Management

· Risk Sources for the IT Project
· Stakeholder Risk Tolerance
· Risk Identification
· Risk Ranking
· Risk Triggers
· Risk Response Strategies

Procurement and Sourcing

· Role of the Project Manager in Procurement
· Build or Buy
· Build or Buy
· Sourcing Management
· Procurement Life Cycle
· Procurement Documents
· Contract Requirements and Legal Terms
· Contract Types

Project Management Methodologies

· Stage-Gate
· Organizational Project Management Maturity Model
· Critical Chain
· IT Project Management Methodologies
  o Extreme Project Management
  o Waterfall
  o Rapid Application Development
  o Rational Unified Model
  o Capability Maturity Model Integrated

Controlling and Managing Change

· Causes of Change
· Change Control Framework
· Integrated Change Control
· Change Control Process
· Change Control Tools

Quality Assurance and Control

· Creating Project Quality
· Quality Management Theories
· Quality Tools and Techniques
· IT Project Testing

Phase and Project Closure

· Contract Closeout
· Administrative Closure
· Lessons Learned

Training Schedule

Information Technology Project Management
2021 - 2022
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