Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL

What you will learn

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This Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL training helps you write subqueries,
combine multiple queries into a single
query using SET operators and report aggregated data using group functions.
Learn this and more through hands-on exercises.

Learn To:

Understand the basic concepts of relational databases ensure refined code by developers.
Create reports of sorted and restricted data.
Run data manipulation statements (DML).
Control database access to specific objects.
Manage schema objects.
Manage objects with data dictionary views.
Retrieve row and column data from tables.
Control privileges at the object and system level.
Create indexes and constraints; alter existing schema objects.
Create and query external tables.

Benefits to You

Gain expertise in relational database data management as you learn how to effectively use SQL commands against
your business data. These features will help you query and manipulate data within the database, use the dictionary
views to retrieve metadata and create reports about their schema objects.

Course Outline

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Training Schedule

Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL
2021 - 2022
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