Learn Microsoft Outlook 2010 Step by Step, Level 3

About this course

This one-day instructor-led course provides students with advanced skills for managing e-mail, collaborating with others, and customizing the Microsoft Outlook 2010 interface.

Audience profile

This course is intended for experienced information workers who want to learn advanced-level Outlook 2010 skills.

At course completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:
•Work with new mail notifications.
•Create rules to process messages.
•Block unwanted messages.
•Secure your e-mail.
•Work with Outlook items while offline.
•Manage download options for slow connections.
•Automatically reply to messages.
•Work with SharePoint site content.
•Personalize the Outlook program window.
•Create and manage Quick Steps.
•Customize the ribbon.
•Customize the Quick Access Toolbar.
•Personalize your Office and Outlook settings.

Course Outline

Module 1: Manage E-Mail Settings

This module explains how to manage new mail notifications, create rules to process messages, manage unwanted mail, and protect your e-mail.

•Working with New Mail Notifications
•Creating Rules to Process Messages
•Blocking Unwanted Messages
•Securing Your E-Mail

Lab : Working with New Mail Notifications

Lab : Creating Rules to Process Messages

After completing this module, students will be able to:
•Customize how Outlook announces the arrival of new messages.
•Process messages automatically base on rules.
•Manage junk mail.
•Use Outlook tools to keep messages safe.

Module 2: Work Remotely

This module explains how to use Cached Exchange Mode to work remotely, how to work more efficiently when you have a slow connection, how to reply set up automatic message replies, and how to work with SharePoint site content.

•Working with Outlook Items While Offline
•Managing Download Options for Slow Connections
•Automatically Replying to Messages
•Working with SharePoint Site Content

Lab : Automatically Replying to Messages

After completing this module, students will be able to:
•Work in Outlook while offline.
•Select the download option most appropriate for their internet connection.
•Set up automatic responses to messages.
•Work offline with SharePoint document library content.

Module 3: Customize Outlook

This module explains how to change the appearance and arrangement of elements in the program window, create custom Quick Steps to perform multiple actions with one click, specify the tabs that appear on the ribbon and groups that appear on the ribbon tabs, a add frequently used commands to the Quick Access Toolbar, and configure Office and Outlook settings.

•Personalizing the Outlook Program Window
•Creating and Managing Quick Steps
•Customizing the Ribbon
•Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
•Personalizing Your Office and Outlook Settings

Lab : Personalizing the Outlook Program Window

Lab : Creating and Managing Quick Steps

Lab : Customizing the Ribbon

Lab : Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

After completing this module, students will be able to:
•Rearrange program window elements to suit their working style.
•Create a custom Quick Step to send an e-mail message.
•Turn off a tab that is rarely used.
•Add commands that are frequently used to the Quick Access Toolbar.
•Adjust Office and Outlook settings to suit the way they work.

Training Schedule

Learn Microsoft Outlook 2010 Step by Step, Level 3
2021 - 2022
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