Advanced Penetration Testing

The CAST 611– Advanced Penetration Testing is a specialized training program covering key information
security domains, at an advanced level. Students completing this course will gain in-depth knowledge
about information gathering, scanning, enumeration, exploitation and post exploitation, data analysis and
reporting, and a number of advanced techniques.

Key Outcomes
• Introduces a comprehensive process for a
security test, producing findings and report
for an enterprise class setting
• Complemented with Cyber Ranges that
progresses in difficulty and reflect an
enterprise level architecture, with defenses
to defeat and challenges to overcome
• Exposure to evasion techniques

Course Outline

Course Outline

• Information gathering and OSINT
• Scanning
• Enumeration
• Vulnerability analysis
• Exploitation
• Post exploitation
• Advanced techniques
• Data analysis and reporting

Training Schedule

Advanced Penetration Testing
2021 - 2022
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