Certified Secure Computer User

CSCU provides individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect their information assets.
This course covers fundamentals of various computer and network security threats such as identity theft,
credit card fraud, phishing, virus and backdoors, emails hoaxes, loss of confidential information, hacking
attacks, and social engineering.

Key Outcomes
• Fundamentals of various computer and
network security threats
• Understanding of identity theft, phishing
scams, malware, social engineering, and
financial frauds
• Learn to safeguard mobile, media and
protect data
• Protecting computers, accounts, and social
networking profiles as a user
• Understand security incidents and reporting

Course Outline

Course Outline

• Introduction to security
• Securing operating systems
• Malware and antivirus
• Internet security
• Security on social networking sites
• Securing email communications
• Securing mobile devices
• Securing the cloud
• Securing network connections
• Data backup and disaster recovery

Training Schedule

Certified Secure Computer User
2021 - 2022
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