ITIL® Practitioner Training & Certification

Course Description
Whereas ITIL® Foundation focuses on ‘what’ and ‘why’, ITIL® Practitioner shows ‘how’ to start adopting an ITIL® framework and adapt it to day-to-day situations and responsibilities, giving individuals more confidence in their ability to structure and contribute to ITSM initiatives.

ITIL® Practitioner offers practical guidance to support your business objectives, develop the skills needed to apply ITIL® concepts in the organization and ensure business value by delivering fit-for-purpose and fit-for-use services. At the same time, the course and qualification gives confidence to managers that graduates are ready to initiate and successfully carry out required improvement initiatives.

ITIL® Practitioner focuses on the Continual Service Improvement (CSI) approach as a way to structure improvement initiatives. ITIL® Practitioner also covers three key areas crucial to the success of any improvement initiatives:

Organizational Change Management;
Measurement and Metrics.
ITIL® Practitioner does not replace any existing ITIL qualifications. It is complementary to, and fits in with, the current ITIL qualifications scheme. ITIL Practitioner is not a prerequisite for the ITIL Intermediate Level qualifications.

Course Approach
As this is a “Practitioner” course, the focus is on acquiring skills. For that purpose, this course introduces the concept of scenario-based learning with a multimedia case study and modular exercises. It combines lectures, discussions and practical experience to prepare participants for the ITIL® Practitioner certification exam and provides valuable practical knowledge that can be rapidly applied in the workplace. The case study deepens the participant’s appreciation of how ITIL® best practices can be applied in order to improve IT performance.

Target Audience
IT professionals, IT support staff, application engineers, project and business managers, any member of an IT team involved in the delivery of IT services.

Course Outline

Course and Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the theoretical and examination components related to this certification, graduates can expect to be able to:

Use IT Service Management concepts that are important drivers of continual service improvement;
Apply ITSM guiding principles in a real-world context;
Apply the CSI approach to manage improvements in a given organizational context;
Use measurement and metrics to facilitate continual service improvement;
Communicate effectively to facilitate continual service improvement;
Apply organizational change management to support continual service improvement;

Training Schedule

ITIL® Practitioner Training & Certification
2021 - 2022
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