Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g: Creating Portals using ADF

What you will learn
This WebCenter Portal training covers some of the best practices for creating different pieces of portals for WebCenter
Portal 11g with the help of Oracle JDeveloper 11g.
Learn To:

Create the structure and look and feel for portals.
Create Content Presenter templates for populating portals with content.
Add external web services to portals by creating task flows for the web services in JDeveloper.
Apply the development lifecycle concepts such as using deployer projects and manifest files for versioning in your future
asset development.
Use WebCenter Portal's REST APIs to access and modify portal resources.
Have your portal pages load quicker by following best practices.

Benefits to You
Content Presenter Templates
As a developer, you can create Content Presenter templates for portals and have content contributors use these
templates to constantly update the content of portals with desired layouts that you provide with the templates. With these
templates the content contributors are not required to know any coding and will be users of the templates.

Development Lifecycle

By following the best practices of a development lifecycle for a task flow in your practices, you can apply that knowledge
to any asset that you create in JDeveloper and perform supported methods for asset development. The development
lifecycle method makes it easy for teams to work together, because every step is associated with a certain location and
it is easy to find the assets, modify or deploy them. This method shows you to version your assets so you do not ever
lose your assets. You can create archives of the assets you build and send them to other members of a team to use in
their portals.

Web Services

Take advantage of existing external web services and learn to create task flows for them in JDeveloper, create assets
from them to include in the resource catalog of WebCenter Portal to and add the web services to your portals.

Portal Developer

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Suggested Prerequisites
Java SE 7 Programming
Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g: Build Applications with ADF I
Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g for Developers

Course Objectives
Divide portal page design mock-ups into components that a developer should build such as page templates, page styles
and skins
Create page templates, skins and page styles based on design mock-ups for pages
Create Content Presenter templates in JDeveloper with Site Studio Regions
Create data controls and task flows that consume the data controls in portals
Add web services to portal pages
Use WebCenter Portal's REST API

Course Outline

Module 1

Course Overview
Discussing Course Objectives and Agenda
Overview of Lab Environment
About Target Audience
About Course Practices
About References and Documentation Guides

Module 2

Getting Started with Asset Development
Overview of Assets in WebCenter Portal
Discussing A Developer's Key Tasks in JDeveloper and Portal Builder
Overview of WebCenterSpacesResources Project
Setting Up JDeveloper for Asset Development for WebCenter Portal
Explaining Portal Builder Approach for Asset Development
Downloading and Identifying WebCenter Portal Assets in JDeveloper

Module 3

Creating Navigation
Overview of Portal Navigation
Overview of Navigation Model
Discussing Navigation Visualization
Finding the Default Navigation Model of a Portal
Visualizing the Navigation Model
About Navigation Model Security
About Navigation Model Best Practices

Module 4

Creating Page Templates
Overview of Page Templates
About Page Templates Layout
About Geometry Management
Using WebCenter Portal's Out-of-the-Box Page Templates
Reviewing the Round-trip Development Process for Page Templates
Creating Page Templates
Editing Page Templates
Describing Best Practices for Layout Management

Module 5

Creating Skins
Overview of Skins
Introducing CSS3
About WebCenter Portal Skin-Sppecific Selectors
Overwriting Existing Style Selectors of the Out-of-the-Box Skins
Discussing Best Practices for Skinning

Module 6

Planning Site Studio Regions
Overview of WebCenter Content
Overview of Site Studio
Installing Site Studio
Creating Element Definitions
Creating Region Definitions
Creating Data Files from Region Definitions
Discussing Best Practices for Creating Content Templates

Module 7

Creating Content Presenter Templates
Overview of Content Presenter Templates
Using Content Presenter Templates
Modifying Existing Out-of-the-Box Templates
Creating New Content Presenter Templates
Using Content Display Template Tags
Referencing Site Studio Region Definitions
About Best Practices

Module 8

Creating Responsive Designs
Overview of Responsive Design
Discussing Adaptive Layouts vs. Responsive Layouts
About Adaptive Design Example
Overview of CSS3 Media Queries
About Media Query Syntax and Examples
Using Responsive Content Presenter Templates
Describing Best Practices for Responsive Design

Module 9

Creating Data Controls
About Steps to Present Data
Overview of Data Controls
Explaining Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture
Overview of Fusion Web Applications
Discussing Web Services Properties
Invoking Services of a Web Service by Creating Task Flows with Data Controls

Module 10

Preparing Task Flows for Deployment
Preparing an ADF Library JAR File
Deploying the ADF Library JAR File
Creating a Deployer Project
Adding the JAR File to the Deployer Project
Preparing a WAR file for the Deployer project
Implementing Versioning for Deployment

Module 11

Deploying and Registering Task Flows to WebCenter Portal
Deploying a Task Flow to Web Center Portal
Introducing the WebCenter Portal Server Extension Application
Registering a Task Flow with WebCenter Portal
Adding a Task Flow to a Resource Catalog
Adding a Task Flow to a Portal Page

Module 12

Using REST APIs of WebCenter Portal
Overview of REST API
About RESTful Services
About REST Resources
Discussing REST Methods
Discussing WebCenter Portal’s Resource Index with Examples
About HTTP Status Codes
Finding the Correct Format to POST Resources in JSON

Training Schedule

Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g: Creating Portals using ADF
2021 - 2022
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