Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator

CHFI is a comprehensive course covering major forensic investigation scenarios, enabling students to
acquire hands-on experience.
The program provides a strong baseline knowledge of key concepts and practices in the digital forensic
domains relevant to today’s organizations. Moreover, CHFI provides firm grasp on the domains of digital

Key Outcomes
• Comprehensive forensics investigation
• Forensics of file systems, operating systems,
network and database, websites, and email
• Techniques for investigating on cloud,
malware, and mobile
• Data acquisition and analysis as well as
anti-forensic techniques
• Thorough understanding of chain of custody,
forensic report, and presentation

Course Outline

Course Outline

• Computer forensics in today’s world
• Computer forensics investigation process
• Understanding hard disks and file systems
• Defeating anti-forensics techniques
• Operating system forensics
• Network forensics
• Investigating web attacks
• Database forensics
• Cloud forensics
• Malware forensics
• Investigating email crimes
• Mobile forensics
• Forensics report writing and presentation
• Data Acquisition and Duplication

Training Schedule

Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator
2021 - 2022
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