Certification Exam Prep Seminar: Java SE 7 Programmer I

What you will learn
This video seminar will help you prepare for and pass the required exam for the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) - Java
SE 7 Programmer certification.

Build Confidence Before the Exam

Led by one of our Java expert instructors, this fast-paced video-based seminar will build your confidence. Get exclusive
tips and strategies to prepare you to take the certification exam.

Build on Your Java Programming Knowledge

This Exam Preparation Seminar is intended to help those who possess a strong foundation in the Java programming
language. You'll get a thorough review of the exam objectives to understand the breadth of topics and skills needed to
pass the Java SE 7 Programmer I certification exam (1Z0-803).

Watch, Study & Replay
This seminar may be accessed for repeated review as needed during your subscription term. Completing this seminar
does not guarantee exam performance. Exam Prep Seminars do not include: an Oracle University eKit, expert video,
labs, student environment, simulations or student Q&A.
Please note that this seminar is for exam review purposes only and does not meet the Hands-on Course training
requirement (if applicable to your certification track).

Java Developer

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Required Prerequisites

Course Objectives
Learn from one of Oracle University's top instructors.
Review key technologies and certification concepts tested in the
Prepare for your Oracle certification exam.
Get information that will help you complete your preparation and study.
Receive tips and information that will help you on the test.
Understand the depth and breadth of the

Course Outline

Java Basics

Define the scope of variables
Define the structure of a Java class
Create executable Java applications with a main method
Import other Java packages to make them accessible in your code

Working With Java Data Types

Declare and initialize variables
Differentiate between object reference variables and primitive variables
Read or write to object fields
Explain an object's lifecycle
Call methods on objects
Manipulate data using the StringBuilder class and its methods
Create and manipulate strings

Using Operators and Decision Constructs

Use Java operators
Use parentheses to override operator precedence
Test equality between strings and other objects using == and equals ()
Create if and if/else constructs
Use a switch statement

Creating and Using Arrays

Declare, instantiate, initialize and use a one-dimensional array
Declare, instantiate, initialize and use multi-dimensional array
Declare and use an ArrayList

Using Loop Constructs

Create and use while loops
Create and use for loops including the enhanced for loop
Create and use do/while loops
Compare loop constructs
Use break and continue

Working with Methods and Encapsulation

Create methods with arguments and return values
Apply the static keyword to methods and fields
Create an overloaded method
Differentiate between default and user-defined constructors
Create and overload constructors
Apply access modifiers
Apply encapsulation principles to a class

Working with Inheritance

Implement inheritance
Develop code that demonstrates the use of polymorphism
Differentiate between the type of a reference and the type of an object
Determine when casting is necessary
Use super and this to access objects and constructors
Use abstract classes and interfaces

Handling Exceptions

Differentiate among checked exceptions, RuntimeExceptions and Errors
Create a try-catch block and determine how exceptions alter normal program flow
Describe what exceptions are used for in Java
Invoke a method that throws an exception
Recognize common exception classes and categories

Training Schedule

Certification Exam Prep Seminar: Java SE 7 Programmer I
2021 - 2022
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